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One point Agenda for Nigeria

PoliticsPosted by Alban Sun, March 01, 2009 19:08:27
I think that the president should suspend his 7 point agenda and focus all his energy on One point agenda, that is reducing Corruption to its barest minimum. If he succeeds in fighting corruption then we will be sure that his 7 point agenda would be realized. The problem with Nigeria is not the formulated policies, it is "CORRUPTION" and nothing else.

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Posted by dorian_vio Wed, March 11, 2009 09:37:39

The problem of this gap between rich and poor peoples occurred because of di corruption to high levels of a state (any state... be there Nigeria, Romania or whatever others state in the world with corruption).
The REAL PROBLEM reside in the social riots of the poor peoples, migration, diseases spread out of control from Asia or South America to Europe and vice-versa with the new upcoming threat of resources shortage all around the world.
And when that will come the Rich Peoples and States WILL have a PROBLEM!!!!!

Posted by ILI Mon, March 02, 2009 15:22:33

I think that the biggest problem is the gap between the rich and the poor. It's the same in Romania. And the problem is that this gap is widening each and every day. Even with this crisis... it's invented by rich people to get richer. And the poor people will get poorer. It's like you say in Mata oh a eh or Rich man poor man.